Friends & Family Story Archive

Mother and Daughter

You certainly gain a different perspective when you're on the other side. My mom was experiencing shortness of breath on Saturday, October 20, and her physician advised us to immediately take her to the closest ER. I drove her past the closest hospital (Oakwood) and drove her to Detroit Receiving. I called the Friends and Family line while I was rushing her down 94 (number was on my key FOB) and it worked flawlessly. The Call Center took the call and advised me where to take her and told me they would be waiting for me when I arrived. And they were. She was immediately rushed into ER where they spent the next 5 hours stabilizing her. She spent 4 days at DRH on 5P.

During my time at DRH I've had the pleasure of meeting at least 12 different professional and caring physicians (ER, ICU, Medicine, Cardiology, Pulmonary) and the most incredible nurses I've ever seen across the ER and on her floor on 5P. When we got her to a room they introduced us to the Friends and Family program and walked her through who to call if she had any questions or problems.

I am a grateful and proud employee to be associated with such an incredible medical team. Thanks.

-- Diana P.

Treated Like Royalty

"I wanted to drop a line and let you know what a wonderful experience I had using the "Friends and Family" program at Harper last Sunday. My stepson needed some attention for a back injury and since he was in the downtown area, I immediately referred him to Harper ER. I called Raphaela the nursing supervisor and she immediately called security and the ER staff. When we got there they were ready and waiting for us. We were treated like royalty. Margaret Campbell the triage nurse and Angie in the ER helped us along, and found Dr. Dimetrevski for us to see. They were all wonderful. We were discharged one hour later. Keep up the good work!!"

-- Linda H.

A Concerned Grandma

"My grandson needed to be examined by a Neuro pediatrician and have an EEG. I was referred to CHM. My daughter was told the first available appointment was two months away. We weren't signed up for Friends & Family yet . . . I guess I thought we would never need it…(With your help) My grandson had the appointment within three days. He was only seven months old at the time and we were very concerned; he was having seizures. My daughter was greeted at the door with a packet of information and escorted directly to the department. I was at CHM at the time and it couldn't have been a better experience! Since then we have all signed up for Friends & Family!!!!"

--- Karen R.

Mark's Story

Back in March, my wife was quite ill and needed serious surgery. Her hospital stay began at HVSH and ended up at SGH. When we were at HVSH, Dot Kempf, was wonderful, she made sure that I could worry about my wife instead of parking, meals etc., even Mr. Yellan stopped by and said hello.

The same experience at SGH, some of the nursing leadership came down to ICU to see my wife and I, and I was repeatedly told that if I needed anything to let them know. In such trying times, it's nice to know that someone is there for us. When a loved one is ill, it can be an awful experience, and to have the resource and support of Friends and Family is a huge relief. -- We (the DMC family) have to take care of our own.

-- Mark F.

Oh, Boy!

My son injured his wrist the last week of June. I took him to MIOSH to be seen. I received fast excellent care from the staff there. He was put in a temporary splint and told to follow up with an Orthopedics doctor within the week for his cast. While trying to get this appointment, I ran into several road blocks. As a customer and employee I was truly frustrated that the doctors’ offices were not more accommodating for an emergency.

It was then that I contacted Friends & Family. My son was due to leave town for 10 days within the week. No one could see him until after his return. "Michelle" from Friends & Family sympathized with my plight as a parent sending my 13-year-old out of town with a broken wrist covered only by a splint. She worked above and beyond on my behalf, even after getting several denials. She remained persistent until she got him an appointment with the same office that denied us both twice. She made sure all of our needs were met, and that we were treated with courtesy. Thank you, Michelle for fighting my battle.

-- Leslie L.

Carol's Story

Thanks to Betty Chapel in Corporate Affairs, I was encouraged to join the Friends and Family program at the DMC. In October my husband was unexpectedly admitted to Harper. When my boss, Pat Rosenberg RN MSN Administrative Director, found out she put the Friends and Family process into motion.

A week later I was hospitalized for a total knee replacement and my husband had several appointments at the central DMC campus which I could not attend with him. He called Friends and Family. When he arrived at the hospital the valet parking attendant helped him get his wheelchair out of the car and directed him to the lobby. In the lobby he met an attendant who wheeled him to the lab and appointment then back to his car where the valet helped with putting the wheelchair back in the car and no parking charge He had several of these appointments before I was able to assist him. This service was a tremendous help to me and my husband. They never rushed and were very accommodating. I can not say enough about this service. I can not forget Jamie Nesbit RN Manager Department of Internal Medicine also organized my husband’s appointments so he could see more than one doctor at a time and voiced my concerns at the appointments while I was in the hospital. We were made to feel very special. The DMC is so large patients can get lost so easily and this will encourage more patients to come to the DMC. My husband who has always gone to St. Mary’s is now a DMC fan.

Thanks so much,

-- Carol Stack, Staff Nurse, Harper University Hospital

Thanks for looking out for us!

My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for creating this wonderful program. I signed up for the program not thinking I would ever need the services, and shortly thereafter was my daughter diagnosed with a specialized disorder. We were sent down to DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan, where they informed us she needed surgery. We were in the hospital for a week and had many family members coming to see us. We used the valet parking and the parking structure daily. It was fast and very helpful to show our Friends & Family card and not have to pay a cent for the services. However, we always left a great tip because the staff was always wonderful! Our stay at Children’s was great and when I told all my family members about the card and free valet they all asked how to sign up!!! It’s very reassuring to know there’s a team out there looking out for you! Thanks again, from all of us!!!

--Mitzi H., Patient Access Representative II, DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital

Like Having a Second Family!

I am an employee at MIOSH. I have been here since day one and I am fully aware of the treatment at this facility. My mother had a fall on Christmas Eve and I immediately took her to the ED at MIOSH. My family and friends greeted me at the door, because at MIOSH, we are not only coworkers, we are family. Mary Follis in the registration department had already gotten my mother’s information in the computer system, because I called her to let her know that we were on our way. I work in the registration department and I know how important it is to get all the demographic information in the system, so I had no doubt that Mary would have everything in order. My mother was pretty shaken up and so was I, she had taken a hard fall on the concrete. The ED team, Sandy Lalonde, Sandy Buchanan and Jody Shaver were so supportive and caring as I knew they would be. I had been bragging to my mother how we at MIOSH are like a family and these women made it known that my mother was in good hands. Dr. Kirk Mills was the physician on call that day and it was like talking to my brother. His bedside manner really put my mother in a more comfortable state of mind, because I could tell that she was still kind of nervous. Rok, the radiologist, another one of my brothers at MIOSH, escorted my mother to the x-ray department and gave her the VIP treatment as did every staff member at MIOSH. I was so relieved that everything turned out well with my mother and I am eternally grateful to my family at MIOSH for taking such good care of my Mother. Thank you.

-- Angela J.

Don's Story

I have had multiple opportunities recently to use DMC facilities for my family. After spending 2 weeks at Bon Secours in August, I transferred my dad to Harper. I truly believe that the Doctors at Harper saved his life. He remains under the care of a DMC pulmonoligist and cardiologist, and will be having further testing and follow up. My wife was admitted to Harper over the Labor Day weekend through the ER. In September, my father-in-law suffered a stroke, and we transferred him from the Mt. Clemens General Emergency Room to Harper where he became an inpatient and a patient of Dr. Xavier. In December my mother-in-law was admitted to Harper for several days through the Emergency Room after she suffered a stroke. Over a period of 5 months, I have had 4 family members admitted to Harper Hospital as an inpatient on 6 different occasions. I contacted Friends and Family on most of these occasions and found them to be most helpful in making sure everything went smoothly during their stay. Both my parents and in-laws have always been associated with the east side hospitals, specifically Cottage, Bon Secours and St. John, and were afraid to come downtown. Their fear was that the DMC was too big, impersonal, and unsafe. Their experience at Harper Hospital has changed their perception, and they will now consider the DMC for their future healthcare needs.

-- Don G.

A Huge Thank You!

We just wanted to send a quick note to say a HUGE THANK YOU!! We drove in from Grand Rapids to see Dr. Tewari at the DMC Kresge Eye Institute and he was awesome! He said that what Kevin (my son) has had done all looked a-ok, which was actually very nice to hear. We really have loved our retinal specialist, so it was good to know we have been in good hands. He answered a lot of questions and actually took pictures of both Kevin's eyes, which we had not ever done before. It was fascinating to see. He also explained what has been happening and agreed with what our doctor has recommended. We are definitely keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to move forward with no more problems. He took an hour and a half with us, which was amazing. It was really nice leaving his office without having a major procedure done! Again, many thanks! We really appreciate your help with getting in to Dr. Tewari so quickly.

-- Kevin

The Little Things Mean the Most

I would like to share my family experience with Friends & Family. My brother was diagnosed with cancer and had to receive treatment on a daily basis with chemo and radiation. My mom, a senior with her own health challenges, was worried about paying for parking everyday, not only was the money an issue; walking was an issue for them both. I contacted Friends & Family to see about getting a free parking permit. Well, with one phone call her worries were taken care of. My mom did not have to worry about walking a long distance and finding money to park. I have worked for DMC for eight years and have 10 years experience working with the terminally ill; the last thing a patient and their families want to concern themselves with is parking. Friends & Family has done multiple things for my family during this hard time, including shuttle service for my brother and fast appointments. On behalf of my family, we thank you because it's definitely "the little things" that mean the most.

-- Kathy P.

I am all smiles, and thankful!

I was recently admitted to Harper University Hospital... hospitalized for more than a week and two surgeries later, I have been discharged and I am on the road to recovery!

Thanks to the care and concern given by my doctors and all other medical staff at Harper, including my family member and Harper employee, Lauri Kenney. I am all smiles, and thankful I came to Harper when I did – this hospital saved my life!

While at my hair salon, I began to have numbness in my arms and legs which resulted in my stylist, unbeknownst to me - also a Friends & Family member, urging me to go the ER.

Due to the urgency to get to the ER, no thoughts were given to Friends & Family program - at that time. Thoughts instead were geared to getting to the best place for her medical care, Harper University Hospital. There was never any doubt in my mind; DMC was the place to be. After all, my doctors are and will always be DMC docs.

A few days after admission, I phoned my stylist. While busy with another client's hair (who was also a Friends & Family member!), my stylist and the client inquired about my condition, and I had just been told that I would be having surgery the next day. That is when the client, who knew of the many benefits, told my stylist to ask me is I was a Friends & Family member. I wasn't.

My stylist then gave my the toll free phone number to call Friends & Family, and sign up. They enrolled me right over the phone and parking passes were delivered to my hospital room! I was so impressed with the speedy personalized service I received from the F & F staff, I encouraged my visitors and family members to also join Friends and Family.

Now I am a cheerleader for the Harper medical staff and the Friends & Family program for the excellent treatment I received.

-- Laverne M.

A Tremendous Blessing

I am a DMC employee and also a full time minister. I give leadership at my church, and have the responsibility to care for my congregation during times of bereavement and illness, among other things. The Friends & Family Program is a tremendous blessing to our ministry. Often times we are in all of the DMC hospitals visiting our members and to be able to pull up and have our cars parked saves us a great deal of time.

Thank you so much of thinking of our community and designing ways to make it easier for us to come in and out of the hospital.

-- Jacqueline N.

Our Best Bet for the Best Care

My daughter woke me at 2:30 AM complaining of redness, drainage and shooting pains in her eye, with decreased vision. We are about 10-15 miles from three major hospital systems’ emergency departments. I struggled with where to take her for emergency care because my drive to the DMC is about 32 miles and it was snowing. I was also afraid that we would have a long wait for emergency care because her eye might not be a priority with the sick patients we see in the ER here, especially in the middle of a snowy night. But I also knew that her best bet for seeing an ophthalmologist at that time of the night was right here at the DMC.

We got to Harper's ER about 4 AM and were seen by a physician within 15 minutes. The eye exam that my daughter got from Dr. Susan Corrion was more thorough than the one she received from her ophthalmologist when this problem happened previously. In fact, Dr. Corrion stained her eye to reveal a corneal abrasion, something the ophthalmologist from another hospital never bothered to do. Everyone in the ER was phenomenal; the nurse who assessed my daughter, the PCA who made sure we were comfortable, and the ophthalmologist who came over from DMC Kresge Eye Institute at 5:30 in the morning so that we wouldn’t have to wait until the Kresge clinics opened at 8:30. He gave my daughter the eye drops and ointment that she needed to treat her confirmed corneal abrasion, and we were back on the road and home by 7 AM. My daughter is a WSU PT student, but as a U of M student she was seen in their emergency room a couple of times. She declared the DMC the best emergency care she ever received!

-- Judy W.

I have never felt more valued

I am an employee of DMC Children’s. Recently, I went in for my routine physical and mammogram at my regular Doctor’s office. After my initial mammogram, it was necessary for me to receive further films for verification. After getting those films done, it was then necessary for me to be scheduled for a breast ultrasound for a better definitive result. I wasn’t able to get an appointment for my ultrasound for three weeks with my doctor’s office.

I contacted DMC Friends & Family and was able to get my ultrasound within five hours at The Karmanos Breast Center. I would like to thank Nadine at the appointment office at Karmanos, Pam B. (The charge nurse at the Walt Building) and Teresa J. (The technician, who did a wonderful job talking to me throughout my ultrasound) also at the Walt Breast Center. And finally, I’d like to thank Rebecca at Friends & Family for expediting everything. A special thanks goes out to my manager Melissa Rueck, for allowing me to leave work in such short notice in order for me to receive such quick service. I have never felt more valued as an employee as I did in this experience.

-- An employee of DMC Children’s

The staff treated my family like their family

I can’t thank RIM and the Friends & Family program enough for the exceptional care my father received. Who would have thought my father falling and hitting his head one morning would lead him on such a long road? His fall was so severe it caused bleeding on the brain which led to brain damage. In addition, a stroke he had 19 years ago which left his right side weak, was once again affected. After my father’s stroke in 1989 he came to RIM and it was a great facility then, so when he needed rehab services again, he didn’t hesitate in his decision as to where he wanted to go, and RIM is even better now! Every person we came in contact with, from my father’s sitters to his doctors were the very best! Unfortunately, there are too many people to name individually but we thank each and every one of them from the bottom of our hearts. I’ve been a DMC employee for 24 years, with the last four at RIM and I’ve always considered it my “home away from home” and even more so now. The staff treated my family like their family and we can’t thank them enough. It was a long road, but here we are three months later and he is finally able to come home with a walker when we were originally told (by another hospital) he’d be going to a nursing home in a wheelchair! There is no doubt in my mind it’s because of the care he received at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan.

-- Sherri W.

First Class

I used Friends & Family for the first time and it was a very smooth transition. My child had pneumonia. I drove up; valet parked, was registered, sent to x-ray and released to go to his pediatrician visit all within one hour. I highly recommend the service and it made me feel good to be a part of the program. I would say it was the only way to go -- First-Class. Thank you.

-- Angelia T.

I know I'll be taken care of

This was the first time I've been to the Campus Martius DMC office and to Harper University Hospital, and I was very impressed as to how tightly integrated everything was. The shuttle driver picked me up right from the Campus Martius office and by the time I arrived at Harper, Michelle was waiting for me in the lobby. We stopped to pick up my paperwork (which was already waiting for me) and went right to the Radiology department where I couldn't have waited more than five minutes to get my x-rays. The whole process seemed to take less than an hour!

While I hope I don't have to visit any time soon I know that if I do I'll be taken care of. I wanted to thank DMC and especially Michelle for making my visit to Harper Hospital yesterday for x-rays, one without incident.

-- Rob V., Compuware Employee

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the truly remarkable staff and friends I am so lucky to have and cherish here at the DMC. My family and I have been experiencing some trying times lately, from my husband’s stroke on Christmas Eve, my mother’s death in January and my uncle’s passing three weeks later. I have been overwhelmed by the beautiful cards, mass intentions and Spiritual bouquets, flowers, and hugs my family and I have received.

Special thanks and recognition to the doctor who was on vacation, but came in to admit and take care of my husband; the staff knew how afraid we were, and was at my husband’s side in all cases!! Thanks to Dr. Andaya who is the best; Dr. Hardaway who followed up with my husband at HUH and Rehab. The staff at HUH were especially attentive to both my husband and myself…it truly makes a difference when you are on the other side. Thankfully the superb OT/PT and nursing staff at the Rehab Institute, both inpatient and outpatient have my husband independent again and walking with very few deficits.

My heart is filled with the peace you so eloquently sent our way in all instances. My family and I are humbled by your generosity, kindness, and sincerity. You are all wonderful “Friends and Family.” Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

-- Camille P.

The only word is "Wow!"

The only way I put this experience into words is "Wow!" I have always come to Sinai-Grace for all of my medical needs. But I was really blown away when I was admitted to the hospital. Before I arrived the doctor called ahead to have me directly admitted, and from the time I came in the excellent service started. From the time I spoke to the security guards to the time I was leaving the hospital, each and every person took the time out for me and all my concerns. The rooms were really nice and comfortable. The staff was great. And just in case there was a problem I had my own person from customer service come to check on me everyday to make sure that I was really being taken care of. So here is to the great service at the DMC. I feel really proud of the company I work for.

-- Tomara B.

She Made My Day a Good Day

On February 26, 2008, I received a call from a young lady, Michelle. She said she was from DMC Friends & Family and she would escort me to my ultrasound appointment the next day. I said I didn’t know I had an appointment but, I said I would come anyway. The next day at 12:30pm, we met in the lobby of University Health Center; she took me to the Department where I was to get my ultrasound. I forgot my script so she called my doctors office and had them fax the prescription for my test. She was very helpful and kind to me. She made my day a good day, instead of a confusing day. Thank you, Friends & Family…

-- Ms. Jones

One call and everything was taken care of

I would like to bring to your attention a wonderful employee of yours. She is Stormi U. She was so kind and helpful when I needed to get a CT scan done. She took care of all the details of making the appointment, arranging a greeter, providing map quest directions to Sinai-Grace since I had never been there before. When I was on hold for 20 minutes with my insurance company trying to obtain an authorization, I became very frustrated. One call to Stormi and everything was taken care of. She was amazing and the day of my test went very smoothly. Through it all she remained kind, calm and helpful. She even called me the morning of my test to reassure me that yes, indeed everything was in place at Sinai-Grace, including the authorization. I can’t say enough about her. Please put this letter in her personnel folder. She is a treasure.

-- A patient of Sinai-Grace Hospital

I would not go anywhere else

I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at the DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. Everyone was wonderful, the therapists were great, they have made great strides with me, and to top it off, thanks to them, I have lost a great deal of weight! I just received a new script for more physical therapy and I would not go anywhere else but the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. The Friends & Family program really made it easy and I am a satisfied customer!

Thank you,

-- Gabrielle M.

This is a great program
My little cousin was diagnosed with cancer. My family wanted to have treatment done at Children’s. Rebecca, who is in charge of the Friends & Family program, went out of her way to make sure my family was comfortable. She was so nice to them. She even gave us her cell phone number and said to call her anytime to let her know when they will be arriving. This is a great program. Not many hospitals do this and I’m happy and proud to work for the DMC.

Treated just like family!
My husband recently had surgery at MIOSH. From the moment my husband and I walked through the door, we felt like we were among friends and were treated just like family! It was our first visit to MIOSH, I am a long time DMC employee, and was able to put a face to the many DMC customers I serve at MIOSH. The nurses, doctors, dietary and environmental services department were all professional and took the time from the busy schedules to answer our many questions. My family would like to extend a special thank you to the following MIOSH employees: Bruce, Jill, Sherry, and Pam. The entire hospitalization was wonderful. My husband can not say enough positive things about the Detroit Medical Center Friends & Family Program and MIOSH.

Veronica R.

Treated with the utmost professionalism
My experience with friends and family involved my five-year-old godson who was newly diagnosed with absence seizures. As you might imagine this is a terrifying time for parents and family. Not knowing what treatment or testing would be necessary; we enrolled in Friends & Family. Matthew needed to have an EEG. My friends phoned to schedule the EEG and were very happy with the speed with which they were given an appointment. Dr. Gendleman is their pediatrician. When the family arrived at HVSH for his EEG, they were met at the door and escorted to cardiopulmonary department. The parents were allowed to stay with him during the test, which they thought was wonderful. They felt that they were treated with the utmost professionalism and respect while they were here. The best part was that the study was read THAT DAY by Dr. Green, who called Dr. Gendleman at his office. They were able to start Matt on medication immediately and saw an immediate change in the frequency of his seizure activity.

My friends and I are very happy with the personalized care and service provided at Huron Valley Sinai Hospital. This was a very scary time for us and the staff and physicians did everything they could to make it easier.

Thanks, Kelly H.

Talk about convenience!!
I would like to tell you about my first experience with the Friends & Family program. As a new DMC employee, I was interested in trying out the services that we have to offer, but was admittedly leery of ‘blindly’ choosing a new provider. So, I called Rebecca at Friends & Family and felt immediately at ease as she took the time to assess what I was looking for and recommended an absolutely wonderful physician, Dr Badr. She then took it a step further and made an appointment for me…talk about convenience!! That appointment was my first time using the DMC, and though I had only just met him, Dr. Badr’s kindness and concern made me feel as if he had taken care of me my whole life…I felt like family.

A short time later, I became quite ill while working at DRH. I called Friends & Family and they facilitated an emergent consultation for me at Harper ED. When I presented to triage, it felt incredibly reassuring to hear the nurse say that they had already heard from Friends & Family and were waiting for me to arrive. Though he was not even at the hospital that day, Dr. Badr came to the ER twice to make sure that I was comfortable.

I have been in health care for a long time now, but have never experienced the level of attention and compassion that I received. As a Friends & Family site representative, my staff and I routinely arrange to meet members that visit our hospital. It was not until this experience, however, that I truly understood how much this service means to a patient. Thank you, Friends & Family for being there when I needed you.

Amber F.

The experience was seamless
After injuring my back and discovering that I had a herniated disc in my neck I was in need of consultation with a specialist. Utilizing the Friends & Family program I was referred to Dr. Vaidya at DRH. I attempted to arrange the appointment myself and was told that it would be September before I could be seen. In hopes of possibly getting in sooner, I again contacted someone from the F & F program and within an hour had an appointment to see Dr. Vaidya, less than two weeks later. Every interaction I had at DRH on the day of my appointment was professional and pleasant. From the security officer who directed me, Tracy in registration, the nurse, the PA, and of course Dr. Vaidya, the experience was seamless and genial. Thank you Friends & Family.

Graham B.

They will be there for me
I work at Old Hutzel Hospital in the Medical Management Department. On Friday, June 13, 2008, I received a voice message from Kim of Friends & Family asking me to return her call. I did return her call and Kim reminded me that I had an Ultrasound scheduled for that day at 10:00 a.m. Kim wanted to know if I would like to be met and escorted to the Ultrasound Department for my appointment. Because of where I worked, I was able to get to my appointment without help. I know this story is not like others you have heard, but I was surprised to hear from them and very appreciative. I know that if I ever need Friends & Family in the future I can call on them and they will be there for me.

Christina F.

Essential Support
The Friends & Family program is really blossoming here at DRH! A day does not go by without a call inquiring about the services offered from this fantastic program. As the program grows, however, so does the commitment needed from DRH patient care and customer service staff. The customer service staff is dedicated to fulfilling the promises set forth by the Friends & Family program. We could not, be successful if we did not have the unending support of many of the dedicated managers and front line staff members.

One of our busiest areas of service in this program has been the 6A Orthopedic Trauma Clinic, managed by Nicole Ouellette, RN. The clinic is home to some of the state’s most renowned physicians, including Dr. Rahul Vaidya, Dr. Joseph Finch, Dr. Robert Meehan, Dr. Daniel Hoard, Dr. Ken Brooks, and Dr. Robert Colen. We are seeing people travel far distances to be treated by this practice. Today’s consumers demand high quality care and they know that this group is, quite simply, the best. This is where we have found the support for the Friends & Family program increasingly essential. The caring staff of 6A has been an incredible resource for Friends & Family members. No matter when we call, no matter how busy she is, Nicole makes Friends & Family members a high priority. The requests we send her each week for our Friends & Family members are admittedly growing in number and complexity. Nicole handles it all with grace. She just flashes that big smile and tells us that she will take care of everything. And you know what? She does take care of everything… from working the many appointments into the schedule, to following up with customers to make sure that they are satisfied.

We are Grateful…
We are grateful to be part of a system that responds. Recently a procedure was requested on a patient who is also a Friends & Family member. As the procedure is new to Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital we had not yet received all of the accessories and supplies required. Nor had our technologists had the opportunity to receive applications training. All it took was a call to our colleagues at Harper University Hospital and they not only agreed to provide us with the supplies we required, they sent a technologist with extensive experience to assist the radiologist with the exam. With their help we able to allow the patient to remain within her comfort zone and continue her care where she was familiar with the staff and physicians. Many thanks to Judy, Ron and Brenda from Harper University radiology.

Karen T.

Kudos for Great Teamwork
At the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, we are always pleased to welcome active Friends & Family enrollees to our Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation programs. We are even more pleased when we discover a DMC employee’s family member or friend who is not aware of the program. In the last four to six weeks, RIM’s Patient Representative Kim Collins has identified six RIM patients that were related to or knew someone working for the DMC. Those patients range from a sibling of a retired dietary aide, spouses, church members and long-time neighbors. Each patient and their families have been quite impressed with the program and the show of compassion and concern from a healthcare provider. RIM’s Friend’s & Family point person, Vita LaBelle, has risen to the challenge of increased membership and has eagerly greeted each patient and educated their families about the program. Kudos to both Kim & Vita for displaying great teamwork that supports RIM’s goal of providing a rewarding customer service experience to every patient serviced.

Lisa A.

I am Very Satisfied
I have lived independently for a long time, but recently have experienced signs of a medical problem that has had my family concerned. Knowing that I could be facing a serious condition, my family called friends at the DMC for advice. After hearing the details of my symptoms, those friends recommended I go to Detroit, and specifically the Rosa Parks Geriatric Center. These friends also suggested I use Friends & Family to set up my appointment. When a follow-up call was made by the Detroit Receiving Customer Service Department, I described my experience as “great”. My son also explained to the Customer Service Department how easy it was, thanks to Friends & Family. “They helped me make all of my mothers appointments and even provided a personal escort throughout her visit. Michelle Emerson should be complimented for her taking the time to sit and listen during my mothers visit.” I also told the representative that “Dr. Cordoza was the kindest and most professional person.” I am very satisfied with my experience at the DMC… you are all very compassionate people.

Rosemary T.

An Incredible Sense of Comfort
I would like to extend my appreciation once again to the Friends & Family Program for helping to take care of my best friend, my Grandpa. While at work, I received a call one morning that my Grandpa had taken quite ill and was being rushed via EMS to Huron Valley Hospital. I had never been to that DMC site, and felt a little lost and out of place as I drove in a mad frenzy to see him. As luck would have it, I quickly found myself stuck on I-696 behind an accident, growing increasingly anxious as I waited to hear about his status. Though I knew that it was rather early on his treatment, my worries got the better of me, and I decided to call the Emergency room. This call revealed that he was pretty sick, but I felt an incredible sense of comfort when I heard that Dot from Friends & Family had already been in to see my Grandpa. Within a few minutes, Dot was even calling me to offer her assistance!

Grandpa wound up being admitted for about a month, and Dot remained a source of support throughout it all. Every evening I sat with Grandpa and always felt a smile cross my face as he raved about my ‘wonderful friend’ who continued to check on him. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Dot and the staff at Huron Valley for being a friend, family and guardian angel to my Grandpa.

Amber F.

We are going to switch all of our doctors over to the DMC
Our sister at Children’s Hospital of Michigan helped us feel so at ease in preparing for our daughter’s surgery and connecting us with the Friends & Family service. We were so impressed that we felt like ROYALTY from the time we pulled up to the hospital until the time that we drove away. I just wanted to thank everyone personally, and to let you know that we have been spreading the word that the DMC is the place to be, because of the professional atmosphere. Our daughter is only six years old and was very nervous about her surgery, but with your help and the friends and family service you put my family at ease.

On Monday, August 11th, our daughter had to undergo surgery at the hospital, and of course all weekend we were very concerned and worried about what to expect. We know this is a normal feeling that parents have, because we expect the best care for our loved ones, and of course we received just that.

Our worries began to fade away, because of the professional way each and every person showed us. We felt at ease because of the way everyone explained the different process to us. We had no questions for them; they were all thorough, complete in all respects. For once we can honestly say that we are proud to be part of Detroit -- that is Detroit Medical Center. Because of this profound experience, we will highly recommending Children Hospital to family, friends, neighbors, and co workers. We once again thank you as well as our family thanks you all for a job well done. So again thank you all and we are going to switch all of our doctors over to the DMC.


Darren and Arlene R.

So Much Love and Kindness…
I am employed at DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan. I am a member of the Friends & Family program. I would like to share my story with all of my co-workers. My youngest daughter was looking forward to having her first child in April of this year, but unfortunately she had to be admitted to DMC Sinai-Grace on complete bed rest two months prior to her delivery. During that time Friends & Family was a blessing to our family. The parking attendants were kind to us and always pleasant no matter if we valet parked or parked in the visitors’ parking lot. The entire staff was wonderful. My family would like to give Friends & Family at Sinai Grace a shout-out, because they showed my daughter and our family so much love and kindness until I just had to share it. The Friends & Family program made a big different in our life when we needed a little love and a caring hand.


Winnie B.

Truly a Wonderful Thing
Audrey lives in a senior apartment near the DMC and joined the Friends & Family program at a community lecture over a year ago. Recently, she expressed how the program has helped her since joining:

“I use a walker and it’s a lot of trouble getting around the hospital. I got off the shuttle one day and told the person, ‘I’m a Friends & Family member and I need help.’ She told me not to worry and got a wheel chair for me. She then took me up to my appointment. She (the representative) left her number for them to contact her when my appointment was over. She came back to get me when my appointment was over and wheeled me over to get my blood work done. She waited, and then took me back down to the entrance to catch my shuttle back home. I have used it about three times at Harper now and I’m going to start using it at Receiving. It has saved me a lot of trouble getting around since I use a walker. I am very thankful and grateful for this program. It truly is a wonderful thing.”

Audrey J.

“I cannot thank them enough.”
I registered for Friends & Family some months ago, not expecting to use it. However, last week, I had foot surgery at Detroit Receiving Hospital and the care was superior! Even before surgery, Dr. Lisa Mkitch taught me how to crutch walk and move on stairs with an immobilized foot. Those lessons also helped me to prepare my home for the post op time when I would be hobbling around.

It might seem that my background as a nurse would be useful, but it was clear to me that being a nurse might not be too helpful in my role as a patient. I knew that without the sense of commitment to my well being from the DMC family that provided care, I would be a very nervous person, indeed.

From the moment that I walked into the pre-op area, I was welcomed and cared for with great attention to all the details. Kim Rodrigues, my nurse in pre-op soon had us laughing and explained everything that I needed to know without my needing to ask questions. My son remarked several times about how friendly and caring everyone was. The DRH staff made sure that I knew who would care for me during the surgery and those folks came by to say hello.

So many people were truly wonderful…I cannot thank them enough.

I want to close this with how we were greeted by the receptionist in the Surgical Waiting Room. As she escorted us back to the pre-op waiting area, she said, "I just love when our employee family comes to us for care.” That sums up my entire experience. I could tell that everyone who was involved really regarded their work as important and loved doing it. Using your Friends & Family benefit is a vote of confidence in your fellow employees and your experience will be a comfort to you and your family.

Pat N.

“The DMC is the best!”
No one ever wants to be the patient. But when it is your turn it can be very frightening. In September I had a procedure by Dr. Andrew Xavier and Dr. Murali Guthikonda in the Angiogram Department at Harper Hospital. The procedure went very well, and the staff in Angio could not have been more accommodating to me and my family. I spent the next 24 hours in 4ICU. EVERYONE was great! All the staff was very professional and the clinical care I received was second to none.

The Neurological Service Department is phenomenal and they perform miracles everyday. The staff all works very hard and they receive little recognition for the truly amazing things they do. I want to thank everyone who was involved in my care or the care of my family. The DMC is the best!

Rebecca W.

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to the afternoon shift of the MRI department at Harper University Hospital for such fast and smooth service. And a very special thanks to the MRI technologist for such great bedside manner during my procedure. At first, I was a little nervous about going into the MRI machine but she assured me that everything would be all right… and it was. Thanks to this Friends & Family Team, this program is really great.

Ora W.

“Phenomenal Care”
A few weeks ago while at my cousin’s birthday dinner, I received news that my grandfather had a mild stroke. I was relieved when I found out that he had been admitted to Harper Hospital because I knew that he would receive good care.

A little over a week later, my grandfather was transferred to RIM. He was enrolled in the Friends & Family program while at RIM. The PT, OT and speech therapists diligently worked with him to regain his mobility and improve his speech, even though some days he was being stubborn. Lisa Austin was fantastic. She was there to check on him frequently and kept me updated on his progress. My grandfather received phenomenal care and is doing well.

I would not have been able to make it through this ordeal sanely without my DMC Friends & Family. I’m lucky to work with such an amazing group of supportive and caring people. Carey and Rebecca, thank you for being there to assist me with certain issues and questions, I would have been lost without you. Betty, thank you for being so supportive and understanding. I would like to thank everyone involved with my grandfather’s care and his recovery.

Ebony W.

“It was Amazing”
On November 18th, my child became ill. I decided to take her to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. However, before arriving I called the Friends & Family hotline (1-877-362-5222) and was immediately informed on what to do prior to my arrival to CHM. As we entered the Emergency Department, I was greeted by the charge nurse. Also, my child received a package of goodies and reading materials that gave me insight of other services offered at CHM. The staff was very courteous and professional. It was amazing to see a sick child’s face light up as she entered different parts of the hospital. Indeed it was so colorful and delightful that I noticed she felt better even before treatment! The Observation Unit was unbelievable. Everyone took pride in their work. I am ecstatic of our experience and will never forget it. We will always feel at home when visiting CHM.

Melvina T.

“You bet I'm calling Friends & Family first!”
Back in August I injured myself while vacationing in Florida. Although I had treatment options down there, I requested a simple splint and told them "I need to get back to Detroit. I want to be treated at the DMC." This decision was probably one of the best I've made. I called the Friends & Family line before my first appointment at the Orthopedic Clinic at UHC. They informed me that I could have valet service simply by showing my member card or key fob. My mother escorted me to every appointment, which have been numerous. Having to be off of work meant there wasn't extra money in my pocket, there was barely enough for the bills. I surely did not want my mom to have to put forth her money since she'd made the commitment to drive out and be with me. The simple gift of having valet service for free was a true blessing. It meant my mom could help me and my big cast out of the car at the curb and know the car would be taken care of. It meant I didn't have to ask my mom on nearly a dozen occasions to pay to have the car parked. It was one less worry, one less expense, and one more positive DMC experience. I know now that if I, or another family member, ever needed DMC services, you bet I'm calling Friends & Family first! I've seen the system work so wonderfully with my patients I care for, and now I've experienced it first hand. Thank you!

Lyndsey C. RN, BSN

“There is no hospital in the world I’d rather go to…”
One of the highlights of my position is working with the Friends & Family program. Though the care and service at Detroit Receiving Hospital is second to none, my staff and I have really enjoyed serving as an “inside” friend to our members. No one wants to be in a hospital but there are often many ways that we are able to help ease the minds of patients so that they can concentrate on getting better. When a Friends & Family member is admitted to Detroit Receiving, a member of the Customer Service staff visits them each and every day. Michelle Emerson, Gloria Jarber, Christine Smith- Johnson, Jacqueline Frazier and myself watch over all of our admitted patients, lending a hand with logistical issues such as parking for their visitors, offering little ‘extras’ like newspaper delivery, and advocating on their behalf whenever the need arises. The benefits to the Friends & Family member are great, but the benefits to our staff are also plentiful as our visits have led to countless positive interactions, and have been the beginning of wonderful relationships between our guests and staff. The visits have also become a great way for patients to express gratitude for the care they have received, which then allows us to recognize and celebrate other Detroit Receiving employees.

During a recent Friends & Family visit, I had the pleasure of talking with member Orentha Sanders. She told me that the “staff treated me like family” from the moment she came to Detroit Receiving. She went on to tell me how helpful the valet has been for her clinic appointments. Talking with a member like Ms. Sanders reminds us how difficult something such as parking can be for a person with a chronic illness. This drives home the incredible impact that a Friends & Family membership can have on a person’s health and well-being. This member summed it up for me when she explained that Friends & Family “helps me stay well”. At the end of our conversation, she reached out, and with my hands in hers, looked deep into my eyes and said, “There is no hospital in the world I’d rather go to - I love Detroit Receiving”.

Amber F.

“Our entire family is so grateful”
I and my whole family are so GRATEFUL for the Friends & Family program that is in place here at the DMC. My daughter Ashley called me at work on Tuesday and told me that her 10 week old son Lucas had just been diagnosed with a heart murmur. Although I really thought that this was probably nothing…there was still the chance that something could be wrong with him. I can hardly stand the thought of him having a hang nail much less a heart murmur.

The whole thing really threw me for a loop and I e-mailed Rebecca Wozniak of the Friends & Family program. Rebecca responded to me within five minutes. By 9:00am the next morning Lucas had a confirmed appointment with the pediatric cardiology group at Children’s Hospital. Additionally she told Ashley to “pull up to valet parking and someone will meet you in the lobby to take you to the pediatric group.”

This compassionate service that she again gave to my family is extraordinary. Our entire family is so grateful for the Friends & Family program and for Rebecca Wozniak and the awesome service she provides.

Connie H.

“A Raving Fan!”
Our daughter Meaghan delivered our first grandson on Friday February 30th at Hutzel. It was an amazing experience. We know Hutzel is a great hospital with great doctors, but to experience it is another story. My husband has become a raving fan of Hutzel Women's Hospital and the DMC Friends & Family Program - he's telling EVERYONE they need to go to the DMC!

Jackie M.

“I Love the Staff!”
My husband had spine surgery in February. I love the Friends & Family staff. My husband had no problems getting into the clinic for his appointments at Harper Hospital; the special care that all the staff gave that were involved in my husbands care was awesome. I love you all. I will tell every one I know about your Friends & Family service. I work at Detroit Receiving Hospital in Respiratory Care, and my husband is on his way to total recovery. Thank you Dr. Gordon Moss and all of your staff that were involved with my husband’s care; I am very proud to be a member of the DMC family. God bless you all.

Andrea B.

I would like to say thank you!!!
My son called me last night and I could tell he was upset. My daughter-in-law is expecting their first baby. At first, I thought something happened to the baby. I finally learned from him, while I heard my daughter-in-law crying in the background, what had happened. The company that he works for changed insurance effective May 1st. To make a long story short, the HMO said they needed a primary care physician to refer my daughter-in-law to an OBGYN. They did not have a primary and the OBGYN that my daughter-in-law was going to would not take the new insurance. She is four-and-a-half months along. My son asked me if I know of an OBGYN and I thought I would call Friends & Family. After I explained everything to the Friends & Family representative on the phone she made an appointment for my daughter-in-law to see a physician the same afternoon. The new physician would then refer her to a DMC OBGYN. My Friends & Family rep was extremely nice and explained everything and told me they have dealt with this problem before. Friends & Family does work and I would like to say thank you.

Penny S.

A Terrific Experience
I wanted to let you know of the terrific experience I had recently at the DMC Urgent Care Center on Stephenson Hwy. My son had fallen down on the playground while at school and I was notified that he hurt his hand and the school was very concerned because his hand was swelling and turning colors. I am a new employee to the DMC and I did not know where to take him, but was told of this terrific site not far from where I live, the DMC Surgery Hospital.

When we got to the Urgent Care, we were greeted with a smile, asked to fill out information and taken back immediately. I told the person at registration that I was new to the DMC system and had not received my DMC Care insurance card yet; she said “not to worry, they will find us in the system”. We met the physician, Dr. Hassan. He was terrific. He introduced himself and asked my son questions. He was really personable. After taking x-rays of his hand, Dr. Hassan spoke to us and said it was not broken. The doctor taped his fingers and also told us what to look for due to the swelling in his hand. He told us he was going to have the x-rays re-read by a specialist and we would be notified if there was any concern. Dr. Hassan also said to call him if we needed to ask him any questions.

This was truly comforting to the extent the Urgent Care Center at the DMC Surgery Hospital and Dr. Hassan went to make us feel comfortable. I will definitely recommend this site to my Family and Friends. We were literally in and out of this center in about 30 minutes.

Linda F.

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